Beware of the Risks of DIY Teeth Whitening at Home

The demand for home teeth whitening has always been consistently high. Indeed, the teeth are one of the first things that people notice about you; hence, it only makes sense to keep your smile white and bright. A perfect set of teeth is one thing; a beautifully white set of teeth is another. You can learn how to whiten teeth naturally or you can buy DIY whitening kits available at the drug store. If you are tempted to take the second option, you need to be aware of the potential dangers that go with using such kits.

Is Home Teeth Whitening Safe?

Due to the teeth whitening prices from dental clinics often being a bit expensive (especially when compared to buy a teeth whitening kit), a lot of people are opting for the kits you can use at home. However, professional dentists are warning about the possible dangers of this choice. The risk begins the moment you buy a kit without prior consultation with a dentist. A dentist is someone who has the expertise, knowledge, and training to handle oral health problems, including whitening teeth. They are the ones who can diagnose the right whitening approach for your teeth, especially when you take into account your dietary habits. See more at Pure Smile

If you have deep cavities, dentists also warn that the bleach can penetrate into the blood vessels, nerves and root of the tooth. This could cause a bad toothache or even infection when not addressed immediately.

If you choose bleaching products for your teeth over the counter, there are a host of problems that could arise from it such as infection on the mouth and gums, gum-shrinking, toothache, stomach problems and even nerve damage. An uneven application of the bleach can also result to spotted or patchy teeth. This contradicts any of the goals for whitening teeth in the first place, which could render the investment you made as useless.

What to Do About It

The warning above is not supposed to scare you off completely from trying teeth whitening products. There are a lot of home teeth whitening products that are effective in making your smile brighter. The main point here is to choose whitening products that have the seal of approval from regulating agencies. The safe bet is that if you have not heard of the brand before, do not buy from them! You should look for safety certification on the label. If you do not see it, don’t buy it either!

Also, if you are new to teeth whitening, make sure you get a consultation before using any product. There are some people with naturally sensitive teeth. Your dentist can, therefore, recommend a gentle teeth whitening product that would be effective without making your teeth ultra sensitive.

If you want to whiten your teeth, you should invest in a home teeth whitening kit approved by the experts, or those recommended to you by your dentist. You need to caution against buying DIY kits from unknown manufacturers or drug stores. Aside from being ineffective in whitening your teeth, you could also be at risk of being exposed to a wide range of oral health problems. To learn more about professional teeth whitening, go to

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